The Civil Aviation Administration of China (CAAC) has published its 2022 budget for domestic regional flight routes, with 54 airlines to receive more than 1.5 billion yuan (US $239 million) in subsidies.

CAAC says in a statement the proposed budget plan is based on civil aviation statistics gathered from 2020’s  second half till 2021’s  first half. This is in accordance with the relevant provisions on the use and management of the Civil Aviation Development Fund of the Regional Aviation Subsidies Interim Measures, it says. 

China Express Airlines will receive the most subsidies, 293 million yuan, it adds.


Airline Subsidies
China Express Airlines 293 million yuan
China Eastern Airlines 258 million yuan
China Southern Airlines 194 million yuan
Tibet Airlines 156 million yuan
Sichuan Airlines 124 million yuan
Air China 68 million yuan
Tianjin Airlines 66 million yuan
Lucky Air 58 million yuan
Chengdu Airlines 55 million yuan
West Air 48 million yuan

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