Indonesia’s ministry of state-owned enterprises predicts the domestic aviation sector will fully recover by year-end, even though the airline industry is only flying at half its operational capacity.

Erick Thohir, the minister of state-owned enterprises, tells local media that many countries are now starting to return to normalcy, and estimates that Indonesia’s domestic aviation industry will recover fully in the next six to eight months.

Thohir says Indonesia normally has 400 commercial aircraft operating domestically, but currently only about 200 are flying. 

But the recovery process is already underway, with fewer COVID cases and a filip from the upcoming Eid al-Fitr Islam holiday period, the report adds.

Thohir says the aviation industry is an area the government is focused on, as it has been greatly impacted by the pandemic.

The minister oversees state-owned carrier Garuda Indonesia and has been leading efforts to refinance and restructure the ailing airline, which was already in financial trouble prior to the pandemic. Thohir has also been leading the push to stamp out corruption at Garuda. 

Picture Source: MNC media

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