A QantasLink Boeing 717 veered off a taxiway, after arriving at Rockhampton Airport from Brisbane Airport yesterday, and became stuck.

The QantasLink Boeing 717, local registration VH-NXH, became stuck in soft ground adjacent to the parking apron at Rockhampton Airport last night, a QantasLink spokesperson tells Smart Aviation Asia Pacific.

The aircraft had landed normally and the pilot inadvertently guided the aircraft across soft ground while taxiing at low speed to the parking bay, becoming stuck just before the terminal, the spokesperson says.

Approximate location of the stuck Boeing 717 based on pictures on social media (Source: Google Maps)

Passengers disembarked normally by stairs onto the tarmac, says the spokesperson. Passengers on the return flight leg to Brisbane were put on an alternative aircraft, resulting in a minor delay, adds the spokesperson.

The aircraft will be moved in the coming days, says the spokesperson, adding that the airline is investigating the cause and has reported the incident to the Australian Transport Safety Bureau.


Featured photo of VH-NXH stuck on soft ground from a taxiway excursion (Source: Dave Copland)

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